how to become a freelance graphic designer

How to become a freelance graphic designer

Freelance graphic design is a great career. As a freelance designer, you can work for yourself and create work for clients of your choosing, all while doing fantastically satisfying creative work for those clients. Does that sound good to you? We’ll guide you on how to become a freelance graphic designer.

What is Freelance Graphic Design?

Learning everything there is to know about the job of a graphic designer is the first step to becoming one. Graphic design, as we use the term at Shillington, is the art of effectively communicating a concept or idea visually. Because of this, graphic designers are essentially visual communicators who transform information from various sources into something visual.

However, what exactly do they produce in terms of visuals? Simply said, a lot. Many things we see and use every day are the result of graphic design, including books, magazines, websites, applications, packaging, and many forms of corporate self-promotion (also known as branding).

What does a self-employed graphic designer do then? To learn how, you came here.

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Freelance Graphic Designer Jobs

There are ten cities where freelance graphic designer salaries are generally higher than the national average. New York City, NY, is at the top of the list, followed closely by Berkeley, CA, and Dublin, CA, which take the second and third spots, respectively. Dublin, CA exceeds the national average by $11,829 (17.9%), while New York City, NY continues this trend by exceeding the $66,089 average by an additional $14,398 (21.8%).

The average salary in these ten cities is greater than the national average, therefore moving in order to progress professionally as a freelance graphic designer seems to be a very profitable move.

The average salary for these top 10 cities differs only 5% between New York City, New York, and Clovis, New Mexico, supporting the claim that these places have the highest quality of life.

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
New York City, NY$80,487$6,707$1,547$38.70
Berkeley, CA$79,422$6,618$1,527$38.18
Dublin, CA$77,918$6,493$1,498$37.46
Renton, WA$77,797$6,483$1,496$37.40
Santa Monica, CA$77,351$6,445$1,487$37.19
Merced, CA$77,335$6,444$1,487$37.18
Daly City, CA$76,787$6,398$1,476$36.92
San Mateo, CA$76,542$6,378$1,471$36.80
Boston, MA$76,095$6,341$1,463$36.58
Clovis, NM$75,802$6,316$1,457$36.44

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